FLEXILOCK Drive Plates


FLEXILOCK Drive Plates are constructed of zincanneal plate with flexible nylon centre element. FLEXILOCK driveplates offer a low profile heavy duty interface between engine and hydraulic pump. The nylon element offers a superior connection providing protecting against torsional vibration and/or misalignment of flywheels to pump shafts. FLEXILOCK Driveplates models 63, 101, 127, 195 are sized to suit commonly available engines and are readily avialable to fit both SAE and selected automotive flywheels.

SeriesContinious Power kW/RevContinious Torque NmIntermittent Power kW/RevIntermittent Torque Nm
63 (Code 90)0.01181130.0165157
101 (Code 91)0.03543390.0469475
127 (Code 92)0.06616320.0915884

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