FLEXILOCK Shaft Coupling System


The FLEXILOCK range includes most of the splined shaft connections currently utilized on hydraulic pumps and motors including imperial and metric sizes. All splined coupling hubs feature our popular CLAMPLOCK lateral or axial positive locking mechanisms which secure the coupling hub solidly on to the pump shaft and eliminate the spline wear associated with unlocked spline connections.

Most standard bore sizes available in imperial and metric sizes to fit standard hydraulic pumps and motors and IEC electric motor shaft standards. Stock availability of standard sizes enables immediate use of the couplings without having to undertake expensive machining of bores and keyways.

SeriesContinious Power kW/RevContinious Torque NmIntermittent Power kW/RevIntermittent Torque Nm
63 (Code 90)0.01181130.0165157
101 (Code 91)0.03543390.0469475
127 (Code 92)0.06616320.0915884

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90 Clamplock Spline Hub 13T

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Part # 90/CLA03
Series 063
Style CLA
Description 90 Clamplock Spline Hub 13T
Stock on Hand 19
List Price (AUD ex GST) $ 159.00
Packed Weight (kg) 0.45
Shaft Diameter 7/8"
Standard 16/32 DP INV CL5
Shaft Type SPLINE
Key Width or # of Teeth 13