DG Flexible Shaft Coupling System


The DG Coupling range suits most splined shaft connections for hydraulic pumps and motors including imperial and metric sizes. Splined hubs use our popular CLAMPLOCK lateral or axial positive locking mechanisms eliminating the spline wear associated with unlocked spline connections. Standard bore sizes using taperlock bushes are available in imperial and metric sizes to suit hydraulic pumps and motors and IEC electric motor shaft standards.

SeriesContinious Torque NmMaximum Torque NmIntermittent Torque Nm

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Part # Image Description Shaft Diameter Standard Shaft Type Key Width or # of Teeth
DG/25CB element.pngSize 25 Counterbored Coupling N/AN/AELEMENTN/A
DG/30CB element.pngSize 30 Counterbored Coupling N/AN/AELEMENTN/A
DG/50CB element.pngSize 50 Counterbored Coupling N/AN/AELEMENTN/A
DG/8CB element.pngSize 8 Counterbored Coupling N/AN/AELEMENTN/A
DG25FL03 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 13T 16/32 INV 7/8"7/8"16/32 DP INV CL5 SPLINE13
DG25FL04 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 15T 16/32 INV 1" 1"16/32 DP INV CL5 SPLINE15
DG25FL05 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 6T 6B SAE 1" 1"6B STRAIGHT SAE SPLINE6
DG25FL06 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 14T 12/24 DP 1 1/41 1/4"12/24 DP INV CL5 SPLINE14
DG25FL07 clflange.pngDG25 FLNG 21T 16/32 1.375" 1 3/8"16/32 DP INV CL5 SPLINE21
DG25FL08 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 13T 8/16 1.75" 1 3/4"8/16 DP INV CL5 SPLINE13
DG25FL09 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 27T 16/32 1.75" 1 3/4"16/32 DP INV CL5 SPLINE27
DG25FL24 tlflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 1 1/4" X 5/16" KEY1 1/4"RND 1 1/4" KEYED 5/16" ROUND5/16"
DG25FL33 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 6T STR SAE 1.375" 1 3/8"6B STRAIGHT SAE SPLINE6
DG25FL36 clflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 14T 10/20 INV 1.5"1 1/2"10/20 DP INV CL5 SPLINE14
DG25FL41 clflange.pngDG25 FLNG 18T 2MOD 5480 40MM 40 mm2 MODULE INV SPLINE18
DG25FL42 clflange.pngDG25 FLNG 21T 2 MOD 45MM 45 mm2 MODULE INV DIN 5480 SPLINE21
DG25FL43 clflange.pngDG25 FLNG 23T 16/32 INV 1.5" 1 1/2"16/32 DP INV CL5 SPLINE23
DG25FL50 tlflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 35MM X 10MM KEY 35 mmRND 35mm KEYED 10mm ROUND10 mm
DG25FL51 tlflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 38 X 10MM KEY 38 mmRND 38mm KEYED 10mm ROUND10 mm
DG25FL53 tlflange.pngDG25 FLANGE 42MM X 12MM KEY 42 mmRND 42mm KEYED 12mm ROUND12 mm
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